Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinterest: It’s in My Job Description (Apparently)

Who knew you could spend 7 hours on Pinterest and collect a paycheck? That’s not why I took this job years ago; however, judging from how I have spent the past few weeks, you'd think it was. Thanks to a relevantly slow period (is there such a thing in ResLife) and my monster of a boss, Irene, most of my duties have vanished.

Before Irene arrived, I was plenty busy; my supervisor delegated a portion of his workload to me. I didn’t mind it—I earned great experience and it helped pass the day faster. Not anymore! Irene has taken offense to my frank nature and efficient way of doing my job, so she feels I have “not earned the right” to work beyond my job description.

She actually had the nerve to say, at a staff meeting, that I had not grown enough as a hall director and needed to understand “what we do in this office”. She threatened me with “special projects” to help me be a better team player (aka bullshit that bosses say).

This resulted in an over the top tantrum behind my closed office door, complete with thrown pens, crumbled post-it notes, and suggestions for what Irene could do with a goat. Let’s just say I was none too pleased with the sudden decrease in responsibilities. Unfortunately, it has also meant I have less to do since I know what needs to happen over the next few months and have everything set until next August with paperwork.

So, while Irene attempts to assert her perceived power over the hall directors and give extra work to her new favorites, I’ll continue to surf HigherEdJobs.com and Pinterest to find a better job and another 50 uses for modge podge and cereal boxes.