Sunday, April 22, 2012

RA Banquet: It’s that Time of the Year!

Okay, yes, I have been a little cranky lately and my posts have reflected that. I blame the Mayans. In honor of a positive day, here is my blog post:

Tonight, I got dressed up in my Saturday best and headed out for the end-of-the-year banquet held at the campus’ special event building—nothing but class for my department! I was pleasantly surprised to find that all fourteen of my RAs had arrived before I did, which meant they were on time. They looked very snazzy in spring dresses and freshly pressed suits.

We took up two tables near the back. We enjoyed the modest dinner and sweet desserts. We laughed at various duty stories told by the three most animated RAs. And we discussed, with melancholy, how different things will be for next year. Several of my favorite RAs are graduating and a new batch of students will have to fill their shoes. It brought a few tears to my eyes, but that’s the life of a hall director.

Finally, the awards were announced and my staff won the Most Beer Pong Games Ruined and the Most Likely to Investigate a Phantom Pooper awards. Ironically, I won Most Likely to Create a Snarky Twitter Account—if only they knew the whole truth. To end the evening, all graduating seniors were honored for their time of service and more tears were shed.

As critical I am of our department and some of the stupid things my staff has done over the past eight months, I cannot ignore the prideful swelling of my heart when I see how far they have grown as students and as leaders. As much as I complain about the RAs, I know that most are doing the best they can in a position that has many challenges. Congratulations RA staff 2011-2012! May next year’s staff be just as motivated, creative, and funny—although I could do without the bubble-wrap bandit. You know who you are!  


  1. Haha...Most Likely To Create A Snarky Twitter Account. That level of irony is the stuff of legend.

    Working in higher ed is difficult. As someone who has been a student and an employee for a number of years, I know how much I dislike May and how much I love August. It's so bittersweet to say goodbye to those who have touched your life every May...but the excitement of working with a new staff and meeting a whole new portion of the student population is very invigorating. I usually go into a short-depression right about the May Commencement era...and at the end of August? I'm extremely hyper for about 3 days straight. I can't imagine ever leaving this field, because I can't imagine what life would be like without these "seasons".