Monday, March 26, 2012

RA Group Process = The Hunger Games

A few of my hall director friends and I just saw Hunger Games. Despite what I originally thought it would be like, I loved it! It left me unsettled, uncomfortable, and unsure if I liked the future—it’s always so mean. It also inspired me to look at Residential Life as the Capital and the RA Selection as the Hunger Games.

What if we replaced group process with a battle to the death? The one left standing wins the position. I think this would solve a few issues with our selection process, one being a lack of motivated candidates. If you want to be an RA, you better want it bad; otherwise you will die at the stinger of a tracker jacker.

But, honestly, how different is our group process compared to the whole Hunger Games process anyway? First, we choose a select few students who may or may not turn out to be superb candidates, or tributes. With the quality of candidate I see, sometimes I really think we simply pick names from a jar. Secondly, we sit around as judgmental spectators as they flaunt their abilities, trying to get noticed and make an impression. After all, when we are evaluating 20-24 students, it is hard to remember the average candidates.

Lastly, they must beat out their competition, especially during Carousel when there can be only one winner—the candidate who earns the job. They may not stab a sword into their opponents’ hearts; however, they have to be cunning, ruthless, and likeable all while being observed by us. To all the future RA candidates: May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. That's awesome.

  2. Haha, it's totally like the Hunger Games. At my university there is a group application process. They do separate interviews, but they also make the candidates work together on several different activities (program development, conflict resolution) and they also get the applicants engaged in roleplays with a group of RAs who play the roles of problematic students. It's funny, because there is a sense of the same time, you know sooner or later the time may come to stick a knife in someone's back.

    I had to apply twice to make it in. The first time there were 37 applicants for only 2 positions. The odds were only slightly worse than the 1:24 ratio of the Hunger Games. The next time, 14 people gunned for 5 spots...the odds were ever in our favor.